Who are we?


“Pepi – 07” Ltd is one of the first companies in Bulgaria for turbochargers repairing and selling. We are located in the city of Dupnica, 4 “Samokov road” str.

The company imports all kinds of turbochargers for cars, vans, lorries, buses, agricultural machines, road construction machines and all kinds of specialized machines which use engines with turbochargers.

The service – station works with original English parts with guarantee from 6 months to 1 year. The turbocharger repair is done within the shortest possible technical period. We have new and recycled turbochargers in store. In our service – station You can find the best prices compared to rival companies for turbochargers in Bulgaria. Most turbocharger models can be bought right away after returning Your damaged turbocharger. In this case You receive a recycled turbocharger with 6 months guarantee. The new turbochargers have 1 year guarantee. The company gives all documents accompanying the repair as well as an invoice and a guarantee cart.