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How can we extend the life of the turbocharger and prevent it from side damage?


The turbocharger works in extremely high temperatures and dynamic pressure. Because of this, when it is improperly operated, its resources reduce a lot and there is a danger of damages. Although the damaged turbocharger can sometimes be repaired or recycled, there are cases in which it has to be exchanged with a new one. This is not always cheap for the owner.

The most common turbocharger damages are due to:

- lack of greasing;

- hit by outer object;

- polluted engine oil because of long exploitation (soot and solids);

- big counter pressure from the exhaust flow (clogged exhaust);

- high temperature of the exhaust;

- weariness of the material due to extreme loading.


We suggest some simple rules and if you follow them the turbo can be protected from damages and its life can be extended.


- very important is the quality of the engine oil you use, because this oil serves for turbine’s greasing and cooling – two very important functions. Well-timed oil and oil filter change is very important for Your turbo life extending:

- regular change of the air filter;

- watch closely the oil pressure;

- it is very important, when the engine is loaded after long distance, to leave it float at least 2-3min before stop it. This is necessary in order to cool the turbines’ oil and avoid overheating.

- watch closely the turbo hoses’ condition so that you can find out in time if air draws in from somewhere;

- watch closely the good working order of the exhaust system and more specifically the accelerator in order not to  create an obstruction and counter pressure from the exhaust;

- it is very important to watch closely the intercooler’s condition. The blocked intercooler leads to oil overheating and as a result malfunction of the whole system.


The engine and the turbocharger are a very complicated system.


Their work together has to be synchronized. The work of each of them is influenced by the other one. Because of this it is very important all the systems and units of the motorcar to be in good technical condition.


We hope we have helped You with our advice!


If you have any questions concerning the operation and performance of Your turbocharger, don’t hesitate to contact us by our phones! It will be our pleasure if we can be useful!