Diagnostics and identification of the problem


The professionals who work with us are a very important factor for achieving high work quality. They are ready to evaluate and solve Your turbocharger problems.


Before being repaired all turbochargers undergo diagnostics.



In order to identify Your turbocharger problem we follow some stages:


Assessing the degree of damage – our team of specialists assess each damage and find the reason for its beginning.



Preparing a plan for a high quality repair accomplishment – the rotating parts are replaced by qualitative new ones.


According to the wear and tear of Your turbocharger, we can suggest You its reconstruction to be done by replacing it with recycled by us turbocharger.


Receiving a concrete suggestion for repairs – after passing these stages we will contact You with a concrete offer for your turbo repairs. In this offer we will explain to you exactly what you need, the price for the repairs and when we will send you the repaired turbocharger.


After accomplishing the repairs Your turbo will be diagnosed with a high quality oscillation - balance machine, reaching 300 000 rpm.